Our Mattress Manufacturing process produces mattresses of all sizes for retailers, wholesalers, hotels and the export markets.   Every order is is fulfilled from start to finish with attention to detail and quality results.



At Sleep Designs, we have been providing added value to countless commercial customers for over 75 years.  Our mattress manufacturing process has kept pace with modern technology and we pride ourselves in exceeding standard quality guidelines.

Located in Houston, TX since 1931, our factory has grown and evolved as a competitive force in the mattress manufacturing industry.  This provides full control over how our product lines are made and how they are priced. We have control over the components and materials used to make our mattresses, using superior components and adding hand craftsmanship to every detail.

Our warehouse stocks the largest selection of mattress sets available for the best purchase prices. We have a team of professional working on each and every mattress.

Our mattress ordering is easy and our prices are reasonable. We believe that it is our responsibility to give our customers the mattresses they need which will grant them their own customers’ satisfaction. We are proud of our in-house facility, as it allows us the control to manufacture a high quality mattress at an affordable price.



Sleep Designs manufactures customizable mattresses for hospitality industries such us hotel chains, cruise ships, furnished apartment complexes, furnished leasing and resale hospitality mattress providers. We are also a mattress manufacture for furniture stores, mattress retailers, luxury catalog personalized mattress manufactures. Online re-sellers is a big industry that Sleep Designs provides an exceptional custom mattress product where the online retail shopper gets to experience on their own backed by a mattress manufacture that is being in business for over 75 years.


Sleep Designs can also manufacture mattresses for retailers and furniture store personalized mattress product, our mattress es can be built with any component or material available in the market with the same quality and craftsmanship of the leading brands. Sleep designs is capable of making emergency mattresses for disaster response for government, private and charitable entities, military accommodations, health care hospital systems, emergency clinics with top notch quality that lasts and fulfill its intended purpose. Sleep Designs mattress manufactures  are one of the leading mattress manufactures in the US with built with all american craftsmanship and technology. We also manufacture mattresses for military sleeping quarters and mobile facilities with the right specs for mobility and practicality.