For over 80 years since we opened our first manufacture facility and started producing several lines of bedding products, at Sleep Designs  we have developed a reputation for using the latest technology in our production lineup. The materials are  tested and implemented according to the properties and their use.

Our mattress components are a never ending utilization of technically advanced elements.



Sleep Designs craftsmanship is displayed in every piece that comes out of our manufacture facility. Since 1931 to today’s date our reputation for using the best materials available in the market have marked the difference between us and our competitors.

Our beds consist of multiple components that together make up the right balance of comfort and performance based on the latest technologies and the most recent manufacture materials.  Special care and attention is given to each mattress from its outer fabric to its inner springs.  Here some of the components you will find in all of our mattresses:

  • Select soft knit fabrics with elastic components to reduce surface pressure.  Premium models feature Tencel: Softer than silk and allows better air flow than silk, cloth, or wool
  • Fire-retardant (FR) fibers are antimicrobial and restricts mold, bacteria, fungus, mildew
  • A wide variety of polyurethane foams are used in the construction of modern mattresses. Flat foams, convoluted, firm, medium, plush, ultra plush, HR, HD and standard. We use all of these materials in our pursuit to create the widest variety of feels at varying price points to accommodate every customer.
Highest quality soft knit fabrics

Highest quality soft knit fabrics

Wide variety of polyurethane foams plus Gel Memory foam

Wide variety of polyurethane foams plus Gel Memory foam

  • Reflex cool gel memory variable density foam offers varying levels of density for shared mattresses.
  • Fully infused gel memory foam – directly under the designer fabrics – giving you superior comfort, support and temperature control.  Our memory foam has the property of faster speed of recovery after a weight is removed making the surface consistency more adaptable to body fluctuation of movement.

  • 6-sided foam encasement provides a harder sleeping edge
  • Individually wrapped coils: 10" versus 8" pocket for more consistent forming support.  Coils conform and support body while separating motion disturbances.  A variety of pocketed coils are available to support individual needs.  All models with pocketed coils are adjustable base friendly.
  • Superlastic Innerspring: Each Superlastic®Pro innerspring is made with our Active Support technology®. Our sleep system allows your muscles to relax in a more natural sleep position. The coils adjust instantly to your sleep movements, comforting and supporting your body actively as you dream.

    • 16% more stability* for less sway and more peaceful sleep.
    • 33% taller profile* adds to luxurious appearance.
    • 28% more surface coverage* for improved body support.
  • Motion-absorbing base foam: Most models use a motion-absorbing base foam to reduce motion disturbances between sleepers.
  • Adjustable base friendly
Individually wrapped pocket coils

Individually wrapped pocket coils

Superelastic coils with Active Support Technology

Superelastic coils with Active Support Technology

All of the materials we use are designed to give you the level of comfort, support and durability you desire in the product you have selected.