Our History

Sleep Designs mattress brand was founded in 1931 as the Sanitary Mattress Company. The first factory of the Sanitary Mattress Company was nothing more than a large, shady pecan tree in the back of a small shop on Louisana St in Houston, Texas. Its five employees produced mattresses by hand at the rate of ten mattresses per day, and the emphasis was on quality materials, expert workmanship, and friendly, trustworthy service. For the past eight decades, this has been the policy of our family run company.

Today, the Sleep Designs Mattress Company is housed in a brand new, modern factory located in Houston, Texas. With the aid of today’s most advanced equipment, Sleep Designs produces thousands of pieces each week.



Today Sleep Designs has become a national and international icon of the mattress manufacturing and production industry. Our facility has grown along with technology. New  materials and component applications make our products better. Our team of dedicated craftsmen and designers are dedicated to bring the best we can offer for your comfort.

Here at Sleep Designs, we are always finding new products and concepts that really make the difference in the industry.


Sleep Designs at Work