SD 7000

Power Motion Base: Head & Foot Motion with Power Head Tilt and Power Lumbar Adjustment


The SD 7000 Power Motion Base is our very best full-feature model. With your head and feet elevated to your preferred comfort level, adjust your head tilt and lumbar support to make it perfect! Plug in your USB media device to keep it powered up, while using the Bluetooth connection to listen to your favorite music with the built-in speakers. The remote’s built-in flashlight can help you find your way around, and the base’s built-in under-bed lighting can make it easier to navigate in the dark, while not waking your sleep partner. Finally, the gentle-wake setting will gently raise your head in the morning to wake you without a blaring alarm.



  • 4 motors includes (head & foot adjustment, head tilt, and lumbar support)

  • Bluetooth with BedTech App

  • Bluetooth speaker system

  • Full-range positions adjustment (Head, Foot, Head Tilt)

  • One-touch return-to-flat

  • 3 preset positions

  • LCD remote

  • 2 programmable memory positions

  • 2 built-in USB charge ports

  • Head/foot massage with 3 levels of intensity & 3 vibration modes

  • Gentle wake (base wakes you by gently raising you up)

  • Under-bed LED lighting

  • Built-in flashlight on remote control

  • 850 lbs weight capacity

  • 9" adjustable legs (6"+3")

  • Emergency power supply